Side Effects Of Ipamorelin

On the whole, the side effects associated with ipamorelin integration are far less in their complexity and sheer numbers when compared to those one might face when using other secretagogue varieties.

We have a lack of cortisol elevation, hunger spikes and prolactin increase to thank for this. Sadly, there are still some potential adverse issues, but they are not regarded as being of a significantly negative nature.

It should be noted that with this compound still not having approval by the FDA for human use – it’s still too early to discern the precise long term negative issues or even the full breadth of what may occur in the short term.

What follows is a list of the most commonly reported and at this stage; known side effects when utilising ipamorelin.

Possible Known Side Effects

Head Rush

A fairly common complaint amongst ipamorelin users is that they experience a “head rush” – this is due to a momentary drop in blood pressure followed by a rapid physical movement whereas the blood hasn’t quite had enough time to “reach” the head, thus resulting in a feeling of dizziness and a temporary lack of coordination.

This is a simple side effect to avoid, and requires the user to take caution when standing up from a seated position, or getting up from any stationary position (i.e lying flat on the back / stomach) by not getting up too fast. This will give the blood adequate enough time to reach its internal destination.


Headaches are a fairly common complaint when using all growth hormone varieties and should not be viewed as a serious matter when they arise – however, should they persist at a potent level over a sustained period of time this would warrant medical intervention.

The most sensible practice when encountering adverse issues of this nature is to first reduce your dose and see whether or not this has a positive effect in regards to diminishing the issue.

Should this not be the case, you’d almost certainly need to consult with a medical professional for further advice.


Anxiety is an often-overlooked aspect of taking either growth hormone or anabolic steroid products, but it is actually quite a prevalent side effect.

Anxiety can occur as a result of the body experiencing internal changes in regards to everything from temperature to energy levels and hundreds of neurological processes occurring outside of one’s “ordinary” functionality.

Whilst these changes are of course necessary in order for these products to exert their effects; it does mean that the user has to get used to “new” feelings in terms of everything from emotions to physical changes.

This can easily lead to an inability to cope with the changes that are taking place on the whole, or how to “identify” with them. This can lead to feelings of nervousness, depression and general unease.

Should an underlying anxiety disorder exist, the user should seek medical advice before taking any product of this nature. If anxiety related symptoms manifest during the course of your use; try reducing the dose or cease use completely if they come to fruition in a potent manner.

Minimal Side Effects

Other than these possible adverse issues, you’ll find that on the whole, the majority of issues associated with growth hormone utilisation are unlikely to manifest when using ipamorelin.

This is largely due to a lack of water retention, progestin based issues or cortisol elevation.

It should be noted that if any severe issues do arise, or if a mild issue arises and becomes severe in nature then you should definitely consult with a medical professional for further help.

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