The History Of Ipamorelin

The history of ipamorelin begins with the discovery and synthesization of growth hormone itself. We have however already provided an in depth history of growth hormone on the main “peptide” homepage.

Instead, we will pick up from one of the latter points in the story whereas the discovery of growth hormone releasing hormone, the subsequent production of growth hormone secretagogues and their combined distribution throughout medical research societies and aesthetic / athletic communities in the late 1980’s / early 1990’s afforded us a more “accessible” means of utilising growth hormone.

The more we experimented with these newly christened “secretagogues”, the more we discovered some of their negative characteristics.

On the whole, though users agreed unanimously that the ability to “select” when growth hormone release could take place was tremendously beneficial, issues in regards to the release of ghrelin and an enhanced prolactin / cortisol output were notably problematic.

Though no one really had any problem (these products were and still are highly effective after all) with the fact that GHRP product types needed to be administered at a rate of 1 mcg per kg of body weight due to their inbuilt “saturation” level, here too was a potential area of development for users who needed more “power.”

The ability to “choose” how much growth hormone we could release at once was deemed to be a worthy developmental goal in the progression of secretagogue products – this in conjunction with the reduction of cortisol, prolactin and ghrelin became priorities as scientists endeavoured to find the next “big thing” in the human growth hormone product niche.

This next “big thing” was to become ipamorelin; the world’s first “selective” growth hormone secretagogue.

Medical Research

Arriving in the medical research field between 1998 – 1999 – this product was a latecomer in the secretagogue race, making it a relatively “new” compound compared to other varieties.

Being that it is so new, there is actually scarce information available in regards to its effects on the human body; at least not from an “official” scientific standpoint.

You’ll find that the majority of research notes are actually in relation to its effects on rats (please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a comprehensive list of research results.)

Interestingly, the information we have in relation to human use comes in part from medical research (albeit in a very limited capacity) but mostly from the bodybuilding community where it has been extensively integrated.

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the information gathered and research conducted by this community as “concrete” scientific evidence, being that those who perform the research and gather the information are not scientifically qualified.

This ultimately makes ipamorelin even more “experimental” within a field that is, for the time being at least, purely resigned for medical research use only.

This will be the case until the day comes (if at all) where the FDA condones growth hormone secretagogues for human utilisation within a widespread capacity.

In many ways, this does not make ipamorelin drastically different to many of the anabolic substances available as a result of the widespread anabolic “crackdown” in the early 1990’s (also known as the East German Doping Scandal.)

Human research information for almost all of these product types (be them steroids or growth hormone secretagogues) is scarce at best being that research simply hasn’t been conducted for an extensive enough period of time to fully discern its effects (in many cases because they were “outcast” by the FDA before they were allowed to flourish in any widespread capacity.)

As such, you must proceed with caution when utilising ipamorelin and pay close attention to our upcoming dosage guidelines to optimise your safety.

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