How to prepare & inject Ipamorelin

Effectively and safely using peptides can be a confusing process that is likely to take a little practice and patience; this is because peptides do not arrive “ready” to use out of the box.

Your ipamorelin is going to arrive in powdered form, as such, you’re going to have to combine it with an effective and safe delivery liquid to ensure that it can permeate your bloodstream successfully.

This delivery liquid comes in the form of bacteriostatic water. This water is specially balanced to safeguard against infection whilst ensuring that the body is able to “access” the attached product effectively.

Before you instigate the preparation process (whereas the powder must be effectively mixed with the bacteriostatic water) you will need:

Ipamorelin And CJC 1295 w/out DAC Stack

CJC 1295 is an effective GHRH releasing product that serves to sustain growth hormone levels (including when they are already elevated as per the mechanism of action provided by ipamorelin.)

“DAC” stands for drug affinity complex – the reason why utilising CJC 1295 without this complex added can be beneficial is that its addition leads to a slower release of CJC 1295 overall.

When administered in this fashion, it “pulses” GHRH release similarly to the manner in which ipamorelin “pulses” growth hormone release. The two therefore work together very synergistically.

Those who wish to implement both of these products should follow these guidelines:

1. Vial of Ipamorelin

2. Bacteriostatic Water

3. An insulin needle

4. Alcohol wipes

Once you have acquired all of these items, you will be ready to progress onto the reconstitution process.

How To Reconstitute Ipamorelin

In order to safely “restructure” your peptide powder, you are going to need to adhere to the following steps; by doing so you will then be able to administer ipamorelin safely and effectively.

  • Thoroughly wipe down both the bacteriostatic water vial and ipamorelin vials with an alcohol wipe.
  • Remove your insulin needle from its packaging.
  • Use your insulin needle to pierce the vial of bacteriostatic water.
  • Withdraw 0.5ml of water per mg of peptide powder, then proceed to pierce the peptide vial and allow the water to gently trickle down the side of the vial and naturally “meet” with the powder, thus “melting” it.

You can now store your peptides in accordance with the storage guidelines outlined in the upcoming section.

How To Store Your Peptides

Depending on the physical state of your peptides, you’ll possibly have to alter the manner in which you store them slightly.

This is because reconstituted peptides have certain contraindications in place in regards to precisely how they can be stored (your storage options are more limited) when compared to unreconstituted peptides.

When storing unreconstituted (a peptide that is still in powdered form) peptides you must ensure that:

  • It is kept away from direct sunlight
  • It is not stored at room temperature for more than a few weeks at the most
  • It is ideally stored at a temperature of – 20 degrees celsius
  • When storing a reconstituted peptide, it is crucial that you:

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Store it at – 20 degrees celsius only

Should you adhere to these guidelines, you are unlikely to encounter any issues when storing ipamorelin.

How To Inject Ipamorelin

When it comes time to inject ipamorelin, you have a choice of integrating it via either the subcutaneous method, or the intramuscular method. Both of which are entirely appropriate.

We’ll now provide guidelines on how to successfully implement ipamorelin according to either of these principles.

How To Inject Subcutaneously

A subcutaneous injection simply involves directly injecting into the fat layer beneath the surface of the skin – your needle should be sloped on a 45-degree penetration angle when performing this procedure as follows:

For further information on how to perform this procedure safely, please review this link.

How To Inject Intramuscularly

This method of injection involves directly injecting into lean muscle tissue – there are several effective sites, though the most common / comfortable are often regarded as being the muscles with the largest surface areas (the glutes and quads for instance.)

You must ensure that your needle has a 90-degree penetration angle when utilising this method of injection as follows:

For further information on how to perform this injection method effectively, please review this link.

Should you absorb and effectively utilise the information on offer here and in the provided links, you are unlikely to encounter any issues during administration.

It should be noted that any prospective growth hormone / anabolic steroid user wishing to inject should also cross reference these guidelines with advice from their GP to ensure that they are indeed administering their product correctly.

This will be the best means of ensuring safety at all times.

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